Buggy Bench – A Must Have for Parents with Multiple Young Children

Buggy Bench

Any mother with two young children going grocery shopping knows about the anxiety of finding a two seater shopping cart.  Finding these carts are like trying to find the hot toy of the season on Christmas Eve.  What is even harder is trying to find one that has 3 seats.  While you could put your child in the basket of the cart, it is an unsafe alternative.  Not only do have to worry about them getting into your groceries but there is risk where they can easily fall out because they are not strapped down.

The Buggy Bench is a great tool for parents who have 2 or more young children.  No more worries about how you are going to navigate the grocery store with your kids in tow while getting everything off of your grocery list.  This Buggy Bench easily attaches to any size shopping cart helping you create another secure seat.  There is a safety belt in the Buggy Bench that helps protect your little one so that you can shop with ease without the fear of them falling out of the shopping cart.  The outer straps are long enough to fit even those large warehouse carts too.

This item is not only great if you have twins, but children close in age together and if you have twins plus one.  While a two seater car can feel like near impossible to locate, a cart that can hold three children securely is like looking for a unicorn.  Having a Buggy Bench on hand in your car can feel like a lifesaver when you are running errands with your kids.

Not only does the Buggy Bench make grocery shopping a bit easier, it is easy to store.  It folds away perfectly so that you can just store it in your car, available to you whenever you need it.  It also cleans very easily by removing the plastic supports.  Wash with your regular laundry with like colors.  Do not put in the drying machine.  Air drying will help prevent the fabric from shrinking.

You use this Buggy Bench as young as 8 months to 4 years old.  It is best to put the buggy bench in the cart where you can put the groceries behind your child.  This way you don’t have to worry about them trying to open things or throw anything out.  While it does take up some of your cart space to put groceries, there really isn’t any alternative to going shopping and making sure that all your young children are secure unless you are willing to push two carts around.   You can rest easy that your child is safe in this seat (maybe even more so than the actual child seat of the cart).